Lompoc Oral History Project

Juanita Centeno

Learning to See Colors With Her Grandfather

Dibblee Poett

The Year it Didn't Rain Until February

Ed Negus

ED NEGUS - 4:24
Restoring the Mission With the CCC Boys

The exhibit presents 88 audio excerpts from interviews of early Lompoc residents collected between 1979 and 2001 as part of the Lompoc Oral History Project. Subjects covered in the interviews include early pioneering days, the Depression years, World War II and the establishment of Camp Cooke, earthquakes and floods, how the Santa Ynez River has changed over the decades, and the lives of ranchers, dairy farmers and bean farmers. In addition to the audio clips are more than 75 photographs of the 39 interviewees along with biographical information and a discussion of Oral History. Click the play buttons above to hear excerpts from the exhibit. (Audio files play in QuickTime)

In the late 1970s, a group of volunteers with the Lompoc Museum and Lompoc Valley Historical Society collected more than 40 life-history interviews of Lompoc residents. The interview audio was in danger of being lost forever because of the deteriorating condition of the recorded media. It was the state of the collection and its apparent wealth of knowledge that spurred oral historian Patricia Sazani to take on the challenge of organizing and preserving the recordings.

Thanks to generous grants from Santa Barbara Foundation, Santa Barbara County Arts Commission, Santa Barbara Bowl Education Outreach and Santa Barbara Bank and Trust, and the support of individual donors, both directly and through the online fundraising platform at Kickstarter.com, the audio from the collection has been fully digitized and the interviews are close to being fully transcribed.

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